2 years SUSHI Bikes


Wow, 2 years of SUSHI. Crazy how time flies. 🤯

You might remember our founder story , which described how Andy started tinkering with bikes with his dad as a kid, he developed his first prototype, and ultimately founded SUSHI Bikes in 2019. 😍 All that was just the beginning.

It's hard to believe what has happened since then. The team has grown so big that we've had to change offices twice in that time. 📦 We have been able to expand our store enormously, launched many cool collaborations and not to forget, our expansion into Switzerland. 🇨🇭

Today, 731 days later, several thousand SUSHI bikes roll over the streets and make our cities more beautiful, quieter and cleaner. 🚲

This was duly celebrated. The whole team took a day timeout to celebrate and celebrated the 2 year anniversary together. Delicious snacks, a bike rally and party hats were of course not to be missed.

Why don't you take the 29th of July every year as an opportunity to celebrate your beloved SUSHI Bike with a long ride. If you don't have one yet, order one today - because we would celebrate that insanely. 😉

Image of California Roll C1

California Roll C1

Image of California Roll C2

California Roll C2

Image of California Roll C3

California Roll C3

Image of Maki M1

Maki M1

Image of Maki M2

Maki M2

We say thank you and wish a good trip all the time! ❤ ️