DELIVERY UPDATE - Status: 11.02.2022

A glimpse into our tattered and thus unpredictable supply and delivery chain 🦠

Continuing supply update.

We have stock: M1 S, M, L / M2 S, M, L and C1 & C3! 💪
If you order now, you will get your bikes in 7 days!

News about the +models

California Roll C2+: In delivery from 14.02.2022

California Roll C3+: In delivery from 15.02.2022

Maki S/M+: Delivery completed ✅

Maki L+: In delivery, expected to be completed by Tue, 15.02.2022

Accessories+: In delivery

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Thanks to our SUSHI community for allowing us to be here in the first place! ❤️

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience in the face of product shortages, the transportation gauntlet and the complete overload of the freight market. We appreciate it very much and continue to go full throttle. 🙌