Everything is new in May ♻️

Are you a second chance person?

We start this article with the saying "Everything is new in May". Actually, we're trumpeting it pretty loudly, and for the second time. You've read it now in the headline and in the first line. And you're still thinking to yourself: are they serious? Now? After all, it's already the end of July, May is really a few days old. Up-to-date and hip is different...

But hey, never mind! Nevertheless, it still has its raison d'être, right? And here we are on the subject! 🤓


Just because something is old, it is not necessarily worth less. Yeah right, we want to talk to you about recycling today. ♻️ About how we rethought not only an old saying, but also old bicycle inner tubes. About values, worth and recycling - and about probably the coolest product you've come across in a long time.*

Everything is new in May - if that doesn't scream recycling!? ☝ ️ But what do we want to recycle? Preferably something that is no longer really good for us, right? And I think we can all agree on this: that would definitely be the weather this month, because it's a drag. Hmmm, slack, slack ... Hose! 🤯

How ingenious is the idea of recycling bicycle inner tubes? 🖤 A dmittedly, Dagmar from tjuub had the idea some time before us. But it wasn't May yet, so we put some rubber to the metal (in the form of old inner tubes) and came up with an even better product in the course of this insanely cool cooperation: A battery bag made of recycled bicycle inner tubes, specially made for your extra battery, which you can easily attach to the frame of your SUSHI bike. 👇

Image of tjuub Akkutasche
tjuub battery bag

Akku Bag

Cool story that you didn't see coming at first, right? Thanks for letting us convince you with our recycled saying. Oh and one more thing: Not everything in our store is new, but a lot! 🙃

Goodbye and see you soon! 👋

* We don't want to go into Cycling in Recycling here, this bridge is too banal for us. Nevertheless, you are of course encouraged to participate all the more in any recycling practices as a cyclist for ideological and dynamic reasons.