WHAT... ABI is happening 🤳

What's up?

If you've been following our recent posts on Instagram and Facebook, you might already know. From today you can spice up your SUSHI rides even more. We experimented a lot with our secret ingredient in advance and fine-tuned the taste experience - now the time has come! Get the WASABI app and take your SUSHI rides to the next level.

What can WASABI do? 🧐

Track your rides, keep an eye on your pace and compare yourself with friends from the SUSHI community. WASABI is fun and suits you and your SUSHI!
You can store photos and information, such as the frame number of your SUSHI BIKE. Super helpful if you ever have an insurance claim. You also have direct access to all support features via the app, such as the service partner network or WhatsApp Tech Support. 🛠️

Here you will find all information in detail again, as well as the link to the download.

Oh, and one more thing: we will accompany the launch of the app over the next few weeks with various promotions on our Instagram channel @sushibikes. Be sure to stop by!
So your next steps are as follows: Download WASABI, mount the mobile phone holder on your SUSHI bike, start WASABI, cycle, cycle, cycle. 💪

By the way, the two clever minds behind WASABI are called Yannik and Cedric. If you're missing features, keep getting bugs, or just want to say thank you, they're your guys. You can reach her via this WhatsApp Channel.

So, let's get back on our bikes and pedal hard to collect kilometers - not that you're outstripping us in the first few days! 😎