Wooden stand & wall mount ⚠️

Stop, stop! ✋

... They will all say when they walk past your SUSHI bike. Because at the sight you just have to stop. For once, we're not talking about the SUSHI Bike here, but about (you guessed it) SUSHI's own mounts!

Our wooden stand and wall mount are not only true eye-catchers, but provide the perfect hold for your Maki. 🙌 In the unlikely event that you should ever get off. 🚲

Image of Holzständer
Wooden stand
Image of Wandhalterung
Wall mount

The two holders were designed by our industrial designer Max. Internal concepts allow us to put clear focus on sustainability and resource conservation. ♻ ️ By producing at local suppliers, supply routes are kept as short as possible to reduce emissions to the minimum. 🌱

Suitable for many tire widths 👌

The popular modularity of SUSHI Bikes finds its continuation here - the wooden stand can be assembled to hold wider tires, so a bike stand for 28 mm wide tires quickly becomes a stand for tires up to 37 mm wide. 🪵 🚲