Thanks for the first two weeks! 🙏

Hi, Andy here.

Our shop has been online since Monday, two weeks ago, and I'm still very nervous. I am so infinitely grateful to you for the orders, the kind words and the diligent telling. This support is not a matter of course. In our video message, Joko and I try to tell you personally:

What has happened since launch on July 29th?

😮 The first 50 bikes for 799 euros were sold after 6 hours.

🔋Now you can order additional batteries.

📰 As a founder, I'm really happy that the bike is so well received. Even with journalists who have already put the bike through its paces:

- STERN was very positively surprised: "The sushi is a real offer and has what it takes to become an e-bike for young city dwellers"

- The ElektroRad experts even give a purchase recommendation: "Overall: thumbs up for the concept, the puristic look, the right choice of components, the brisk driving characteristics. And all of that at a fair price"

- We have also appeared in other media. Here is a selection: WELT, founding scene, t3n, ComputerBILD.

🚲 We did 43 test drives and now we have support in the team so that we can prepare concepts for other cities and have more time. Happy to introduce you to my first colleague soon!

📲 413 requests have been created since Monday, many of which have not been resolved with an answer. Means: My fingers are on fire.

📸 Joko and I were out and about in Hamburg and Munich to visit editorial offices. Did we have fun? Here is a picture from the shoot with BikeBild:

Joko und Andy beim BikeBild Shooting

What else is happening right now?

In the coming weeks I will inform you transparently and honestly about where the journey is going and what challenges lie ahead.

- Certification
The last endurance tests have shown that we need an even higher quality bottom bracket. I have included this last change and the certification will be adjusted accordingly. We hope to get an appointment for the exam in the next 14 days.

- Production
I'm clarifying the final details regarding the components and packaging for the production. Then we can start soon and we will produce your bike. we think of running sushi when we think of the production line and SUSHI? Maybe.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're always happy to answer you. Since most of the requests are very similar, we collect the most frequently asked questions here:

"Can I take a test drive?"

We are currently still planning how, where and when we will enable test drives in large parts of Germany. Since we are still a small team, test drives are currently only possible in Munich. But we will hurry and inform you via Instagram, Facebook or this newsletter. You can book Munich here. It's worth stopping by more often, as dates are always being added:

"What about mudguards and lights?"
Our Maki models have normal mounts for mudguards or luggage racks. In general, we use standardized geometries, so you are not dependent on our accessories. However, we will offer some modification options in the weeks leading up to delivery.

"Is there a women's bike?"
The beautiful thing arrived today.Now we'll take a picture of it and then it can be ordered in about 2-3 weeks. By the way: The maki also suits girls very well.

"Can I lease a SUSHI BIKE?"
In the beginning we are dependent on pre-orders because we can use them to start production. Everything is in the starting blocks, so we can start right away. That's why we're now offering a particularly low price.

"Without gears? That never works!"
Yes, one physical gear is enough, because the three support modes help you in every situation. You can even ride from 0 - 33 km/h with a comfortable cadence.