A little snack for in between 🍣

Let's be brief today. The weather is too good, time is too short. That's why there's a small SUSHI snack: Short, easily digestible information for in between. Ready?

I. The rents in California are high, but the California Roll is €15 a day

II. We're cooking up a big one: Even more SUSHIians ensure your supply

III. Person. We just said we'll be brief.

I. The rents in California are high, but the California Roll is available for €15 a day 💸
Just in time for the start of the holiday season, we have an absolute holiday snap for you - so brand new that you won't even find it on holiday pirates!
How can that be? Ah, come on. By now you should know that SUSHI Bikes is always one size faster.
Nevertheless, we don't want to pull you off! hehe. 💰🚲
Adventure holiday hit:
"1 day California for 15€ - flexible period - Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin." *


You wanted to ride the waves in California? We think riding on the California is an absolutely worthy alternative! Here you can book your portion of holiday mood right away.
And now for the small print...

*Until now you could only rent the Maki from our rental partner List and Ride. You've often asked for it, now we'll make your #californiadreaming come true. In addition to the Maki, you can now also rent the California Roll in Hamburg, Berlin and Stuttgart for a fee of €15/day.

II. We're cooking up a big one: Even more SUSHIans ensure your supply 👩 🍳👨 🍳

It's getting hot in our kitchen! In order to be able to give you better advice and fun than ever before, we have positioned ourselves even more strongly. SUSHI BIKES now has 14 proud and hard-working SUSHIians.
The newcomers: Kathrin, Angi, Rebecca, Marieluise and Yannik! 🥁
They are just as easygoing and their work as on-point as their pose. Someone has to imitate that first.
And then you should see how they step on the gas every day! 🚲 💯

III. And bye 👋
As I said, we have to go now... But you also have plans: stop by List and Ride quickly, book your vacation.

Well, we'll see you!