With the SUSHI into the jungle

Hello, shhh!

Have you heard the latest? Nooo?!
Well, then we don't want to be like that and we'll enlighten you so that you can finally have your say again. A lot of things have happened. What exactly? You'll find out here and now. Are you curious? Don't worry - we'll definitely drag this out. With lots of gossip. You've had three days now, so you've got those three minutes left too. You'll make up the time with your SUSHI anyway 😎
We want to talk to you about the new guy, provide you with the hottest vacation tips ("because without my SUSHI, I say nothing!") and round off the whole thing with the all-important question: What do you see when you look in the mirror? We, at least, are proud. And you?🤨
Aaaaalso, here goes the whisper mail!

I. The new

II. Off to the uuuuholiday

III. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the most beautiful e-bike in the whole country?

I. The new 🚶♂️

It's funny, this new guy. Looks like Joko, poses like Joko, has the same initial as Joko.... And as if that wasn't enough, he even wears white t-shirts! Just like Joko! (The doctors even said they both have holes in their noses...)
We agreed right away: It's definitely a SUSHI-ian. But, it's best to see for yourself.

Ok, ok. Enough talking around cold sushi. This is Jan - our third SUSHI-ian, but anything but the third wheel on the... Wheel.
"What does this mean to me?" - You can ask Jan that in the future.
The correct question would have been, "What does Jan mean to me?" - Jan is everything to you. He has the answers to your questions and the questions to your answers. He advises you on bike, pose and test ride dates. He keeps the store together here, keeps our backs up, and keeps you happy. 😎
And we are constantly coming up with new tasks for him.

II. off to the uuuuholiday

Long time no hear the jingle, right? This realization makes the prospects of a vacation much gloomier than they already were. We're sure this is hitting you just as hard as it's hitting us, and we want to ease your worries about a vacation-free summer. We have been busy the last few days on our SUSHIs on the road and now want to convince you of the vacation suitability of your city. 🏘 Because every city has a lot to offer in terms of vacation feeling - as long as you can take full advantage of the 30-40km radius 😏 That's right, we SUSHI drivers are way ahead of the rest. Not only do we get from A to B super fast, but we also travel from one vacation destination to another. From the deep jungle, pedaling just a few times to see icebergs; exploring a metropolis and watching a duck race on the way back? What, that sounds like a vacation adventure? 🏝 Right, and you can do it too.

And the best part? With this vacation alternative, you've saved so much money that you can just relax and put 999€ in the bank.

III Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the most beautiful e-bike in the whole country?

We never thought we would say that about ourselves: We are so serious. And we give you that in black and white. SUSHI Bikes was in the SPIEGEL - really big and in color. Unbelievably cool! So cool that we bought a few copies right away and now we just walk around with the SPIEGEL and the ad in our hands. As I said, we're serious now.
And that's why we're adding a few more arguments at this point. Did you actually know that we got a super amount of positive press last year? Just look at the quotes and press coverage. Gossip is good, but if your name is Justus and you're studying law, you're probably more interested in your legal claims than in articles in SUPER SERIOUS magazines like Stern, FOCUS and Co. But Jo, Jura-Justus, we've got an argument for you too: We're so serious that we'll give you a one-year warranty on your bike instead of the usual half year. If that's not legally correct, at least it's really correct. (If your name is really Justus and you study law, we apologize in advance and ask for forgiveness and mercy. Please don't sue us for having too much fun).
If you are suspicious of law and Justus and you also don't like to look in the mirror: Another very popular source is Google. Even if the teachers obviously doubt the seriousness of this source again and again, we are very convinced of the "wisdom of the crowd" and therefore attach a lot of importance to our 4.8 Google ranking.

So, enough chatter for today. Have a great vacation, take care in the Urban Jungle! 🦁🏡