Same Same But Better

The time has come.

After two years of SUSHI Bikes company history, there is finally the second generation SUSHI Bikes. There could hardly be a more appropriate time. The models Maki+ and California Roll+ are now available through our store. 💯

Here we explain the innovations and how you can give your current SUSHI bike that certain something, or a "+". 😋

Das neue SUSHI Bikes Maki+

💬 "Huh, looks exactly the same?" 🤷

Not quite. ☝️

SUSHI Bikes is the e-bike for the city. We are convinced of this concept, so the motto of this facelift is "same same but better". 👉 Better, thanks to you! The Maki+ and California Roll+ models incorporate the cumulative feedback of the SUSHI Bikes community. From riders, enthusiasts, tech nerds, fans, interested parties and also the many instructive arguments of those who have decided against buying a SUSHI bike.

✅ Double range: with the Maki+ and California Roll+ you can go up to 75km in the city.

✅ Wonder battery: 9.6 Ah instead of 5.2 Ah with almost the same battery size, thanks to the latest cell technology.

✅ Innovative LCD display: Keep an eye on your speed and battery status. By tilting the display you can switch between the support levels 1-5 up and down.

✅ Clean cockpit: The minimalist ring bell and the small display provide a clean look.

✅ More comfort: 37mm wide tires, a soft saddle, the ergonomic handlebar and an optimized frame geometry ensure a comfortable riding position.

✅ Only 1,199€ incl. shipping: You won't find this much technology at this price anywhere else.

✅ Fast delivery: Order now and you'll get your bike delivered this November.

Innovatives LCD Display

💬 "I already have a SUSHI bike! Now what?" 🚲

Don't worry, we've thought of everything, especially for our existing customers! 💚 You can easily upgrade your "+". In our accessories store you will find two retrofit kits to convert your first generation Maki or California Roll to a Maki+ or California Roll+. For more range & more comfort. 🙂

E-Bike Nachrüstkit für mehr Ergonomie

E-Bike Nachrüstkit für 75km Reichweite

... Now it's really about time that you look around the store. Otherwise you have read this text all for nothing.

Servus! ✌️