Ready for spring?

With this accessory you make your SUSHI fit for the season!

The weather yesterday has made mood, right? It tingles in your fingers - and no, that's not the cold that eats through your gloves while cycling. That's history now. You are so up for it! You want to be outside more. Bock to the bright light that makes you squint your eyes on your morning commute. Bock on the increasing number of bicyclists, all of whom you'll still be ripping off. Bock on green lights - and the races after a red light. Bock on 25km/h. You're up for SUSHI.

Are those spring fever feelings everyone's always talking about? Yes, definitely. It's the season, it's this time of a year: The bike season begins! 😍

Zubehör für dein E-Bike

And we are so ready. While it's greening and blooming outside, the new products in our store are sprouting like mushrooms. 🍄

You pack the 💪

In addition to many new Ergo products (for the leisurely among us), we also have new accessories for all those who like to tackle!

The cool front rack is new to the store, as are the reflective tension straps that look great in combination with our traditional rack. Thanks to these clever helpers you take from now on everything that goes. Because you just always pack everything ... rear or front - on it.

Spring fever is great. But hey: shopping also releases endorphins! 😉

In this sense: Enjoy the spring! Whether out cycling, or with us in the store when mushrooms - uh, products - collect. 🛍 🍄