#findthesushivan Munich

Be part of our #findthesushivan search campaign!

Every two weeks we make our rounds through Munich with our SUSHI van - and many test ride bikes in our luggage. Where we drive and where we come to a stop, we always tell you on the day of the action. Because for you it's called: #FINDTHESUSHIVAN! 🍣 🚐
So you're going on the hunt. But not for schnitzel! 😉

Test Ride

If you find the SUSHI van, you will have the opportunity to test ride a SUSHI bike. You will also get to meet SUSHI team members and ask all your questions. Oh, and if you are one of the first 15 test riders, you will get a cool SUSHI Bikes goodie. 😍

Image of Socken - 3 Paar
Image of Cap

How do you find us?

On Instagram, we'll keep giving you little hints on the day of the happening where to find us. So, follow us and stay tuned! 🔥