SUSHI for all senses

Hello, sunshine!

And also to you: Hello! How are you? Is the sun also putting you in a good mood?
You can feel it and see it, but you can't taste or hear it. In this blog post, you can find out why SUSHI has so many advantages over the sun. 🚲☀ ️
Always wanted to talk weather with us? Well, let's get right to today's topics:

I. Anne - or how SUSHI Bikes does multisensory marketing

II. no sunny times in Rotterdam

III. hot pictures from Berlin

I. Anne - or how SUSHI Bikes does multisensory marketing 🤓

In marketing studies one stumbles over the buzzword "multisensory marketing" again and again. By addressing several senses at the same time through different stimuli, the brand is supposed to be experienced in a special way, the brand experience becomes more intensive and sustainable. Now we want to throw a highly scientific thesis into the room at this point. This is: Sun is good, SUSHI is better.
Why? In the last few weeks, we - and I'm sure you as well - have always been happy about the single sunny days. The time in the sun was scarce, but beautiful and intense. "Great experience that the sun offers," we thought to ourselves and immediately recognized the parallels to SUSHI: Limited availability, round shapes, absolute Hot Topic. "They do that quite well, the sun, but we can do better with the marketing."
Unlike the sun, we don't just focus on visual appeal (the SUSHI bike looks great) and haptic appeal (rides well). No, we want to convince you all along the line - to make you experience the SUSHI brand intensively. 🔥 The hook behind sense of taste and smell was quickly set. (So you can add multisensory marketing to your list of wild potential theories regarding our brand name).
What's missing? That's right: the acoustics. And this is where Anne comes in. 🤙

No, Anne is not an acoustician, but our Customer Support Agent since the beginning of June. 🕴 After our telephone hotline was not hot at all over the last months and - even in the winter months - the number of sunny hours far exceeded the number of calls we answered, Anne now brings (sun) light into the darkness of our SUSHI telephone line and our email inbox again.

In this (acoustic) sense: From now on you can ringus (089 90933950) instead of typing mails! Anne is looking forward to your burning questions and warm words. ☀ ️Telephone line and our email inbox.

II No sunny times in Rotterdam 🌪⚡️

Our logistics have always been subject to some forecast uncertainty. When we delivered the Makis, we had a strong tailwind for batch 2 and were able to fulfill many orders earlier than announced. Then suddenly there was a change in the weather that we had not planned for: a hurricane caused an unexpected amount of transport damage. California, eh, the California Rolls, was hit particularly hard. Repairing the damage cost us a lot of resources, so that our stock of California Rolls was used up early on. To prevent further damage, we have stopped deliveries until further notice and are working at full speed - including a morning yoga session with sun salutations - to conjure up better weather. And because we like all things rolling, we think it's time for that storm cloud to roll over us, too, and make way for sunshine & SUSHI.

In case you don't like to talk about the weather, or the target/actual discrepancy of the weather report of the last weeks made you refrain from this kind of small talk, here are the pure facts again: The next 2-3 weeks we will not be able to deliver any more SUSHI bikes. Until then we try to optimize our logistics, so that your SUSHI bike may arrive a little later, but in one piece. Why are we suddenly talking about September? Due to Corona-related delivery delays at a sub-supplier, there will unfortunately be delays in the upcoming batch. The SUSHIs were already loaded into the containers yesterday and are on their way here. Nevertheless, we don't want to stir up false anticipation and are communicating September as the delivery date for current orders instead of - as originally - the month of August.
There is no question that we sincerely apologize for these delivery delays and will do everything we can to get your SUSHI to you as soon as possible. And remember: Anne is always happy to receive a call from you! 😍

III. hot pictures from Berlin 📸

We don't say that the clouds will go away if you hope for them long enough. We traveled to Berlin for a shoot - and lots of other stuff - earlier this month (sushi involves lots of rice, our work day involves lots of travel, haha) and.... Well, let's put it this way: the B in Berlin does not stand for best conditions or bathing weather. "Modest" would fit it quite well. But while we were first getting excited and then started to make alternative plans, the sun already came out. And then we let it flash properly, in Berlin. 📸 Another word with B, like bass.

You can see how cool SUSHI looks on wet streets here - and more of it on Instagram. If that's not visual stimuli at the highest level! 😯

We'll hear, see & smell each other again soon!
Until then; stay healthy, dry and keep up your morning sun salute. 🙏