Show you luggage carrier!

Front carrier, luggage rack, metal basket & Co.

You want to know how these accessories look like on the SUSHI BIKES of our customers? Then you are exactly right here!

A few weeks ago, we started a call in the Facebook SUSHI BIKE Owners group for customers to share their front racks, luggage carriers, metal baskets or wicker baskets with the community, so that others can also be inspired by what can be packed in there. Whether any purchases, the handbag, a dog or for the summer times also the swimsuits and picnic blanket - everything is packed in.

So that you can also inspire yourself, we have put together a small collage of pictures for you here. We are curious, for which accessories you decide next!

How about the front carrier, for example? Even if you don't have a dog, you can definitely think of something you can use it for! Maybe for your sports stuff, your backpack, if it is sometimes too heavy for the back or your jacket, if you're too warm on your SUSHI BIKE.

Spring is coming and the weather shows just from the most beautiful side.
The wicker basket is the perfect complement to your SUSHI BIKE if it's soon to go to the lake. The woven ropes in raffia look give the basket with handle a beautiful natural look, but are waterproof and particularly color-fast. So you can safely put your wet swimsuits in the basket.

You can't decide yet which accessories you really need for your SUSHI BIKE or you have other questions? Then join the SUSHI BIKES community on Facebook to exchange ideas with other customers.