The new cell phone holder 📱

We have a super chic piece for you!

The SUSHI BIKE is known for its clean design. You think very carefully about which parts you use. Mobile phone holders in particular are often clunky and, well, just kind of ugly. 🙇‍♂️ We've been looking for a simple mobile phone holder for you and - tadaaa 🎉 - today we present you our amazing find:

Shapeheart Handyhalterung



The Shapeheart Cell Phone Mount consists of 1️⃣ the Shapeheart Magnetic Mount and 2️⃣ the Shapeheart Steel Plate. You attach the mount to the handlebars or stem of your SUSHI BIKE using a silicone strap. You attach the self-adhesive plate to the back of your plastic case of your smartphone. 👌

The holder is therefore suitable for smartphones of all kinds. This makes the ordering process easier for you and we avoid unnecessary returns. 🙂 ☝️ This is always a major concern for us when selecting products. 🌎

Do you want to get the mobile phone holder so that you can weave through traffic even more relaxed with the help of route planners in the future? Let's do a first navigation test run... to the shop. Just click here and you're there! 😋