That was our year 2021

A joint look over our shoulders 😍

The year 2021 is drawing to a close. You are busy with resolutions, your loved ones, your life. And you ask yourself - as you do every year before - what's really important. ❤ ️

We gather up all our sentimentality and everything we learned in driving school and answer the question as follows: "The shoulder view!" 🤓

Stop! Now if you think we haven't grasped anything in life, that might be a bit premature. The shoulder glance has certainly saved a few bicyclists' lives. ☝ ️ It's giving us a lot of zest for life this year. Can we convince you to pause for a moment and take a look back with us? 🎬

Das war unser Jahr 2021

Every month we were able to experience a highlight. 🎈

It's January and the first SUSHI Bike is celebrating its first birthday. Happy Bikeday! 🎂

In February heads are put together. We think about our vision & mission: What makes us different? What drives us? Where do we want to go? A few evening workshops and colorful post-its later, we agree, the mission statement stands: "THE BETTER MOVEMENT - To recover the streets with lifestyle in motion." 💥 Well, are you as hyped as we are?

In March we partner with fashion brand Esprit and the SUSHI Bike becomes part of a really cool campaign. The streetwear collection is made for everyday biking. Practical and stylish, we love that. ✌️

SUSHI x Esprit

Grüezi Schwiiz! 🇨🇭 After several Swiss customers had already ordered their SUSHI bike to a German address, we didn't want to keep our dear neighbors waiting any longer. OnApril15 we launch in Switzerland.

In May we give up our beloved showroom in Munich and start looking for more suitable solutions.

A plum colored SUSHI bike. Doesn't exist? But there is! Specially painted, branded - and approved by Kai. Kai Pflaume is on the road on his very own SUSHI bike from June . 😎

Kai Pflaume

June, July... Anniversary! 😍 on July 28th we already celebrate two years of company history, numerous bikes and an insanely great team.

In August some people have to look twice, because Angi advertises our pop-up store in Munich. Hach, finally green. For her audience, just book yourself a test ride slot. 😋

Angi für SUSHI Bikes

And then the time has come: In the night of 01. September we launch the Maki+ and California Roll+ models. More range, more comfort. And all this based on the feedback from the SUSHI Bikes community. Thanks a million for the great cooperation! 🙏


In October we can be found at various events: At the Breuninger in Nuremberg, at the Mercedes Store in Munich, and we also joined the Critical Mass in Munich. 🤘

It's November and preparations are underway for... the SUSHI Bikes Mint Market. Did you grab some of the hidden mint candies? 😬 🌱

And then like every year, all of a sudden it's December. How did that happen!!! This is also the question the team asks themselves when they suddenly find themselves in Lanzarote. Yikes? Once again, the sun is recharged and the team is ready to take on the last few weeks with renewed energy! 💪

Lanzarote mit dem Team

We are proud of the past 12 months and are really looking forward to 2022! 🎉 Here's to many more bikes on the road and to the exchange with you. Let's roll! 🚲