We make a shoulder view

💥 That was our year 2020 💥

The year 2020 is coming to an end. You are busy with resolutions, your loved ones, your life. And you wonder - as you do every year before - what's really important.

We gather up all our sentimentality and everything we learned in driving school and answer the question like this: "The shoulder view!"

Stop! Now if you think we haven't grasped anything in life, that might be a bit premature. The shoulder glance has certainly saved a few bicyclists' lives. It is giving us a lot of zest for life this year. Can we convince you to pause for a moment and look back with and at us?

Das war los im Jahr 2020

Every month we were able to experience a highlight. 🎈

In January, SUSHI Bikes moves into its second - but first - real office in Munich's Lehel district. Until now, Andy has been working out of a small room in a disused wholesale market hall. Now the new office has to be livened up - and so Vera starts at SUSHI.

Umzug 2020

February is characterized by bikes, bikes, bikes. Andy and Vera go to Rotterdam and inspect the first SUSHIs in the warehouse. In the middle of February the first SUSHI bikes are shipped. 🚲

Lager in Rotterdam

SUSHI Bikes gets growth. First by Cedric in March, then by Anna in April. The training of the two interns takes place almost exclusively online - thanks to Corona. But it doesn't seem to have been too bad, because both are still part of the team. 😍

At Easter, a surprise of a different kind: the well-known influencer Carmushka asks for e-bike recommendations via a story. She decides on the SUSHI bike and Andy drives her a C2 over the Easter weekend. The campaign works and Andy, Anna and Vera spend many hours answering the incoming message requests.

In May Jan and Marco set foot in the SUSHI Office for the first time. Jan full time and Marco - yes, "what does Marco actually do?" - provides us with a palette full of fun, entertainment and story potential as a logistics intern.
In the Facebook Owners group , the hashtag #stillwaiting is becoming established. What starts in a small circle will make history at SUSHI over the course of the year!

Kathrin, Angi, Jana and Philip follow in the following month, as well as Anne, who will be available to answer your questions as Customer Support Manager from now on. The office gets full, but luckily there are so many road trips to Hamburg, Berlin and Flensburg on the agenda that hardly ever the full staff is on site. And when they do, it's usually for a team evening by the Isar, or in the backyard with a barbecue, Aperol and/or an after-work beer. ☀ ️🍹


In July, Becci and Marylou join us. Now the office is bursting at the seams, and Andy's collar. So after only six months, the search for a larger office begins again. It's amazing how fast that went!

SUSHI Office Sommer 2020

When it gets too crowded inside, you just go outside. On July 29th there will be a big party in the backyard: SUSHI Bikes will be 1 year old! 🎉

With so much manpower you can also dare something new: In August a TV spot is conceived and goes live in the same month. 💪

In September Vera gets marketing support from Rebecca. In addition, we charm the former intern Philip and persuade him to stay with us and from now on deal with logistics around the clock. Henrik also makes sure that the finances are running smoothly and Andy has to justify every Amazon order from now on. Fortunately, the order for the shrimp pillows was placed several months ago. 😬 Besides a lot of fun, there is an important fundamental decision to be made this month, which doesn't make Andy's gray hair any less: Becci has scouted out two potential office spaces. Now we are spoiled for choice... And we will move to Thierschstraße at the end of September.

Neues SUSHI Büro

It's October. New office, new team members, new app. Max and Ronja enrich the SUSHI team and are allowed to track kilometers... with the WASABI app, which Cedric and Yannik launch after only half a year of work. What a success! And it continues the same way: Our testival in Nuremberg is very well attended and the following virtual Facebook testival is at least as crazy as it is entertaining and informative. Thanks for all the laughs! 🍣 😁

After one month in the new office it should be enough. Due to Corona, the whole team moves to the home office, including the newcomers Tom and Jan. We stick to our routines and the daily standup quickly becomes everyone's highlight of the day and is only topped by the weekly team evening on Thursday. The event is of course promoted internally every week with specially created photo montages and the atmosphere is thus properly heated up.

Teamabend Fotomontage

Another highlight arrives at the end of November: PINK FRIDAY becomes a success like we never dreamed it could be! 🔥

December, Christmas, New Year. Suddenly everything is just a one-size-fits-all. It feels like nothing happened in 2020, right? One was ever only at home anyway....
👉 We may think and feel this way about 2020 at the moment. If it were, the last lines would never have been written. That should be proof enough that a shoulder look is always worthwhile. Because one could overlook something. For example, many beautiful moments. 😉



We want to rocket again next year. Are you with us?
Here's to a great & successful year 2021! 💥

Happy New Year