Are you sitting comfortably?

Off the couch and onto the bike!

Where does our target group hang out? What are their routines, their demands?
The result was clear - and shocking. We were able to identify a new, hitherto completely ignored competitor on the market. A new opponent. An enemy in our own house. 😨


It robs you of your time, your most precious asset. Think about it:

You used to go out with your friends. Today, you sit lazily on the...

It used to be the evening trip to the gym. Today, it's another evening on the...

You used to go to cool bars to drink delicious cocktails. Today, you drink lukewarm tea on the...

As I said, the results were clear. Our cur target group is increasingly found on the couch, making it more and more the center of their lives. Your Anare convenience and comfort.

In the past you used to travel a lot more with your SUSHI bike, today you only travel on the... 😱

So if we want to get you on a bike, we have to get you off the couch. Challenge accepted! Here's our challenge: We're going to make the SUSHI Bike so comfortable that you'll want to put your couch in the bike basement and your bike in the living room! 🥊

Thanks to these accessories, every couch potato will get lost on the SUSHI Bike. 💪

With a suspension seat post and saddle with memory foam technology, no couch can compete. Think about how you slouched and humped in the sofa seat last night as you read the following: An ergonomically designed handlebar bar makes for a more upright and healthier posture. Ha! But that's not all, because we've thought this concept through not only from A(rschbequemer saddle) to Z(attelstütze), but also from the index finger to the little toe. Your fingers, your arms - oh, your whole upper body can look forward to Ergo grips , which gently cushion unpleasant shocks. And for the little toe there's our socks, but you probablyalready know them.

Has your couch ever offered you ergo grips?! Has it ever looked after you like this?! No, just.

We think we are absolutely superior to this opponent. But we can only win this competition for your time together with you. So make a challenge to your couch: Go to the store and store for accessories! 😉


With a nice advice and the associated earworm we say goodbye for today: "Prooooobier's mal mit Gemütlichkeit!" 🎶