Delivery of the 999€ bikes in 7 days

Do you still want to be among the first? 🚲

Our bikes for 999€ are soon sold out and will not come back. But they come very quickly to your home! 📦 We have something for the fast hunger: Our models Maki and California Roll for 999€ are immediately available - and within a maximum of seven days at your place. 🙌 Hardly anyone has ever sat so quickly on a SUSHI bike... And that's before it's even taken off! 😉

So this is your chance to get a SUSHI bike for only 999€ and benefit from short waiting times! 😍

Image of Maki
Image of California Roll
California Roll

If it's a long ride, an extra battery in your backpack will give you double the range, double the fun, or just double the protection if you sometimes forget to charge your battery. 🤘 What are you waiting for? Get up to 40km more range with one of the last extra batteries for 199€*. 🔋

*Also the extra battery will not be available for long. But you can always upgrade your SUSHI bike with the retrofit kit drive for 999€. The additional battery+ and all necessary parts will still be available in our store.