Long-awaited logistics update 🤙

It's been a long time!

Well, not really, actually, right? Our last update was only a few days ago. But of course, you didn't get your money's worth in the last newsletter. We only presented two of three topics to you, we saved the third for today.

What is it about today? Hmmm, difficult to disclose in advance. Then the whole arc of tension would be gone. It is always a good idea to let the reader read between the lines
- logistics update -
. Contrary to the last (very short and concise) newsletter text, this time we brought a lot of calm. The day is still young, the weekend is long
- the warehouse is full -
so sit back, relax and enjoy these next few lines
- shipping continues -
as much as we enjoy sending you into the weekend with the following message.

We cleaned up 🤟

In the broadest sense. We have turned our entire logistics inside out! That means: We changed the logistician, restructured internally, moved the warehouse to Munich and set up new processes and switched from Hermes to GLS as the shipping service provider. What can be dealt with very quickly here in five key points was associated with much more than just the daily prayers and outbursts of anger that have shaped our everyday work in recent weeks and months.
We are aware that you, as a customer, are also part of our logistics - suffered problems. None of your questions or doubts about our processes have left us untouched. On the contrary: We no longer want to give you "corona excuses", ensure more transparency in our supply chain, and be able to act more reliably. In short: We want to live up to the trust you have placed in us so far.

Why do you do spring cleaning in summer?! 🤦‍♀️

Why now? Doesn't the conversion of the logistics delay the entire delivery of all planned batches? Strategically, wouldn't it have been a lot smarter to carry out this mammoth project in winter?
Our answer is yes! Or: Because there was no other way; Yes; and yes. 🤷‍♂️
You have certainly noticed that the situation surrounding our original shipping service provider Hermes has continued to escalate. From the beginning it was not planned to ever ship with Hermes, but there were simply no alternative options. Corona made the situation even worse and towards the end of the deliveries of Charge 2 the problems got out of hand. Parcels were partly badly damaged, partly untraceable. There were many unfounded returns by the shipping service provider, in many cases the wrong model was delivered. Frustration on your side - unbelievable chaos on our side. So in June we decided to stop all broadcasts. Sure, that inevitably causes delays in the planned deliveries, but it was the only plausible decision. Otherwise, the many returns and the bikes damaged in transit would have caused even greater delays in the future.
We have spent the last two months relocating all of the logistics here to Munich. As you can imagine, this move is anything but austerity. However, we hope that thanks to the locality we will be able to act faster and more flexibly in the future and we are sure that the shortened supply chain will mean significant added value for you.😎

What takes a long time will finally be delivered 🙏

We always want to provide you with the latest information, but at the same time we don't want to make false promises Sometimes it's not as easy as it seems. Mainly because our previous supply chain was dependent on many different factors, reliable information was usually only available shortly before.
But that is changing here and now: Yesterday we were on site at the warehouse and initiated all the necessary next steps. 👉 The first batch three bikes will be delivered on Tuesday! Similar to the procedure of the previous batches, we will continue to deliver chronologically: The earlier you ordered, the earlier your SUSHI BIKE will be sent out. As already communicated, the delivery will last until September.

Philip, Becci und Andy im SUSHI Lager

We're going to crawl into our boxes and wait for the GLS messenger - hoping that he won't wake us up and that it's all just a very, very nice one It was a dream.

Andy, Vera, Jan & Anne

Ehm, one more thing: In case it’s all more than that, than just a nice dream, but we don't wake up and the GLS messenger takes us with him in the boxes - Would you also be happy if one of us jumps out of the box instead of your SUSHI BIKE?
...yes, yes, It's ok, it's hard to keep up, we know that. So just keep the answer to yourself.