Give-your-bike-a-name tag

It's October 19, 2020, so let's celebrate! 🎉

Huh, what's there to celebrate today? Andy's birthday was just the other day. And besides, that's forbidden right now, isn't it?!

No, you haven't missed any important birthdays. And don't worry, today's festivity will take place in the smallest of circles. In your own household. Just you and your sweetheart. Because today is International Give Your Bicycle a Name Day. Well, if that's not an occasion for a big, fat party! Preferably with a theme, a costume, funny photos and lots of hullabaloo. 😍 We have already unpacked the party props...

Renowned photo works 📸

Our SUSHI bikes are our babies: we feel responsible for them and they accompany us every day. There's no question that each one has its own individual, wonderful - and perhaps surprising - name.
Three SUSHIans were willing to share their SUSHI Bike names with you. Andy, Vera and Ronja will tell you the pet names of their bikes - and thus a lot about their intimate relationship, their common history, inner and outer values.
And just between us: we might even have some exclusive snapshots for you! 📸 So, put the horoscope aside and get ready for some real gossip!

Wow, were we lucky: This photo shows Andy on his "Hot Wheels" SUSHI bike. Faster than the camera angle allows, he races through the streets and lets the recently mounted 34mm tires spin properly. 🔥

Andy auf dem Maki M1

Hex, Hex! As if by magic, Vera sweeps through the streets with no effort at all. "Mashed potatoes" always makes for a wild ride. ✨

Vera auf dem Maki M2

Crap, now our movie is almost empty. But there's one more thing: Ronja with her "Pink Beauty" - The two are used to posing in front of the camera and make the name the program. If you find pink glitter and rose petals on the street.... That's right, it's Ronja's skidmark. 🦄

Ronja auf dem California Roll C2

As I said, unfortunately, the film was not enough to take pictures of all SUSHIans. But maybe it's better that way: Rumor has it that one or the other called his SUSHI bike "Flitzer"...

So, enough chatting out of the secrets! But one crucial question is still open: What name did your SUSHI bike get? Is it your "companion" - and you the master of the wheels? Or your "hxtagstartzspan color="#3a3938" style="color: #3a3938;">ew frame"? Do you call it your "wire e-donkey", or did you name your SUSHI true to your favorite dish at your