Even faster with flat pedals 🚲💨

Nobody is as fast as you: r. 💯

As if it weren't already enough that you pull past all the cars at the traffic light on your bike. And faster than other cyclists: inside. And don't waste time looking for a parking space... Now you also score points with pedals that ensure optimal power transmission and get you to your destination even faster. 🤯

Moto Flatpedals



You want to know more? No problem - you'll get the two minutes back on your next bike ride. 💪 In short: The MOTO flat pedals were developed by a former professional BMX rider and are made for cycling in urban areas. Thin, light and simple - and therefore absolutely suitable for the SUSHI BIKE. 😍 But there is more to it than that:

👉The continuous tread of the pedal promotes perfect power transmission.

👉No matter which shoe you are wearing - sneakers, business shoes or even heels - you step safely and stand stable.

👉 Even driving barefoot is no problem!

👉The pedals are like a second Sshoe sole and give you a comfortable and secure feeling.

👉The surface has a great grip, so slipping off the pedal is almost impossible.

👉Thanks to the missing spurs or pins, you won't hurt your shins if you bump into the pedal.


Wow. We were really convincing very quickly, weren't we? Now it's your turn: Make the asphalt of your city glow! 🔥