Egg hunt

Search the store for Easter eggs!

Hei, juchhei! Come here,
let's look for the Easter egg!
No matter how well it is hidden,
's certainly discovered by you discovered.
2, 3 clicks, it goes quite fast
and it makes "plopp" in the store! 🐣
The SUSHI Easter egg appears,
and a promotional code is included.
We won't tell you what it brings you.
Otherwise it would be a boring Easter story! 😉


The Easter Bunny has hidden a few Easter eggs on our website. Between the e-bikes and accessory products, it was sometimes very difficult to place the eggs well, so he had to move to other pages. 🐰 Have a look and see if you can find an EI and what surprise is inside. You should hurry though, because we're pretty sure the eggs will all be gone by tomorrow night.

The Easter eggs in your luggage 🚲

When it comes to egg hunting, no one can fool you that easily. You always find so many Easter nests that you can't carry them all. And now that you're riding SUSH, your catchment area has gotten a lot bigger. Yes, the Struggle is real. But we have an idea:

With a front or rear rack - or better yet, front and rear - you can bring all your Easter eggs home easily, quickly and safely. This makes the Easter egg hunt a breeze. 😋

Good luck!