Heads-Up for our Community

Maki+ and California Roll+ price adjustment

You've been hearing it in the news for months, now we're also addressing you with this probably familiar topic: Both logistics costs - container prices are currently six times higher than in 2020, and raw material prices - aluminum, semiconductors, etc., have risen sharply. This means enormous additional costs for us as a manufacturer and forces us to raise the prices of our SUSHI BIKES.

We don't want to do this from one day to the other, but give you a lead time. So if you are already thinking about getting a SUSHI BIKE, the following info might be very relevant for you ;)

Starting June 15, 2022 we will increase the price of the Maki+ and California Roll+ by 100 € and CHF 100 respectively.

Use the time and order your SUSHI BIKE until June 14, 2022 at the current price!

California Roll+


Maki+ in schwarz