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Price adjustment Maki+ and California Roll+

You've been hearing it in the news for months, now we're turning to you with this well-known topic: Both the logistics costs - container prices are currently six times higher than in 2020, and the raw material prices - aluminum, semiconductors, etc. , have risen sharply. For us as a manufacturer, this means enormous additional costs and forces us to raise the prices of our SUSHI BIKES.

We don't want to do this from one day to the next, but give you a lead time. So if you are already thinking about getting a SUSHI BIKE, then the following information may be very relevant for you. ;)

From June 15, 2022 we will increase the price of the Maki+ and California Roll+ by €100 and CHF 100 respectively.

Use the time and order your SUSHI BIKE by June 14, 2022 at the current price!

California Roll+


Maki+ in schwarz