Even more SUSHI on the streets

Hello you couch potato!

Do you ever get out of your apartment? Oh, so first you were trapped in your home office and now you're waiting for your SUSHI bike to arrive? Ok, ok, understandable. Of course it's worth waiting for that. But soon it is so far and then it is called: Off to the outside!
Ooooh, and now, to make matters worse, a sack of rice has fallen over in China! I can already see that it's time to tackle today's issues.

I. Ready for Round #2

II. your SUSHI date with Jan

III. list of sources

I. Ready for Round #2 🥊

If you take a look at our delivery status page, you'll see it right away. The SUSHI bikes from batch two are being shipped right now. 🚲💚
As you know, we ship all orders chronologically. The California Rolls were in particularly high demand this round and have all been shipped already. That means if you ordered a C1, C2 or C3 in batch two, you should have already received a shipping confirmation. If not, your order falls into batch three and will arrive in August or September.
Of course we think it's cool that the California Roll went so well. But what we are most proud of: We've been rather conservative in communicating delivery times, which has meant that we can now even fulfill some maki orders sooner. 🍾🎁
Yesterday, a maki was delivered that was ordered on April 09. So the delivery time was only 49 days! So 7 weeks. To be exact: 1176 hours! 😲
Yes, this is a serious matter for us....

You might be thinking, "Huh? I thought all SUSHI bikes were shipped chronologically by order date?"
Sure, it stays that way! Within models, we stick to chronology. However, if we can bring forward later orders on other models without putting anyone at a time disadvantage, we will of course do so. 😇
We tell you all this to avoid misunderstanding and resentment. And, of course, also to warn you that you might soon be surprised by a shipping confirmation! #surprisesurprise

II. your SUSHI date with Jan 🌹

Munich, May 29, 2020
Something is different. You make yourself pretty every day: wear jeans again instead of sweatpants. Your white sneakers still look like new. If you're lucky, you just got your hair done the other day. 💃🔥
You step out onto the street and know: this is your day! Whether the sun is shining or not, the air is always fresher than the stale apartment air of the last few weeks. Not only do you have butterflies in your stomach, no, you can actually see them! As you walk past a restaurant, you figuratively picture yourself in fancy evening clothes sitting at one of the small tables for two along the street. The color of your Apérol Spritz seems more intense, and the smell of pizza is more delicious than ever. You are more sensitive to stimuli, see the beauty in small things, want to discover, experience.... Life has so much in store! It's time for a date.All dating shows you have already seen and more or less learned from it. We have also prepared ourselves. So, let's do it. Book your

speed dating slot

for a SUSHI date with Jan in Munich. ⏱

Depending on whether you want to take it fast or slow, Jan will inform you about the different support levels - and much more. 👉 You oil your skin, we oil the chains. If you suffer from sweaty hands, no problem. The synthetic leather handles of the SUSHI are happy about every touch.

III. list of sources

We paid attention in college. What we took away: Every text must be supported by sources. The sources are always at the end of the text. And Wikipedia is only moderately good as a source.
So far, so good. So we now put sources at the end of our newsletter.
But that's not the end of it: we're seeing more and more posts about SUSHI Bikes popping up, whether on YouTube, Facebook or various blogs. To make sure that you can scientifically substantiate your social media posts in the future, we want to provide you with an up-to-date list of sources. 👨 🏫 📌
We are particularly proud of the press article from COMPUTER BILD, including a very nice video. (COMPUTER BILD, 2020). The WELT immediately followed suit (WELT, 2020), as did GLAMOUR (GLAMOUR, 2020) and AndoidPIT (Android
PIT, 2020). Business Insider, Men's Health and others will follow. 👨💻 🗞

So if you stumble across a sound, valid source in the coming weeks that we should definitely add to our collection, let us know. ✌ ️

Here, for you, to read, review, copy, use, share: High quality sources to prove the high quality SUSHI qualitative and correct.

AndroidPIT (2020, 10, June): Sushi Bike in test: this e-bike is simple, cheap and good. Retrieved June 10, 2020, from: https://www.androidpit.de/sushi-bike-maki-m2-test

Computer BILD (2020, May 19): Joko's 999-euro-eBike: Sushi Maki M2 in a practical test. Retrieved May 29, 2020, from: https: //www.computerbild.de/artikel/cb-Tests-Connected-Car-Sushi-Maki-M2-Test-Joko-Preis-25893945.html

Die WELT (2020, May 26): Only 999 euros - That's how good Joko's electric bike really is. Retrieved May 29, 2020, from: https://www.welt.de/wirtschaft/webwelt/article208341059/Sushi-Maki-M2-im-Test-Das-kann-das-Joko-Bike-fuer-

GLAMOUR (2020, June 03): E-bike test 2020: SUSHI Bike. How I rediscover my love for cycling in quarantine. Retrieved June 03, 2020, from: https://www.glamour.de/features/technik/sushi-bike-test

Speaking of which, in our search for sources, we didn't spend days behind the PC as we used to, but we did spend several days behind the steering wheel. Instead of scrolling up and down databases, we drove up and down the streets of Germany. (After having delivered SUSHIs to journalists in Hamburg and Berlin two weeks ago, we now collected them again). As university graduates, it always pleases us to find parallels between teaching and practice.

At most, there is an acknowledgement behind the sources. 👨 🎓🏆
Thanks go to our relatives and friends and all those who know us. And to the inventor of the bicycle and the discoverer of sushi. Without you this blog post would not have been possible.
And you, because without you it wouldn't be read.

Greetings from the (incidentally already successful, as correctly quoted) university graduates
Andy, Vera and Jan.