Per wrinkles

The trend update for the (rainy) weekend.

What are you watching? Has the headline confused you? Or are you frustrated because you had to leave your Maki without fenders in the weather again? The wrinkles on your forehead are so deep, only the SUSHI wind can smooth them out.
Or this hot tip:

Image of Faltbare Schutzbleche

Folding fenders

It's summer. In summer, you shouldn't wear a raincoat or carry an umbrella. And neither should you have to resort to fenders. So the theory. 🙅

However, in the last few weeks, we in the SUSHI office, especially among the Maki riders, have noticed an increase in wet, dirty trouser legs and deep wrinkles between the eyebrows, marked by frustration. Wrinkle cream only helps to a limited extent against dirty clothes, so we looked for other solutions. And lo and behold, foldable mudguards are the new miracle cure. 🔮

Fenders have no place on your Maki? You are reluctant to be on the road in the summer with fenders? You find the things simply uncool and grimace when you just think about it? Fair. The foldable fenders you get out only when it is necessary. It's all easy: attach them, stay dry, fold them up and put them back in your bag. ✌ ️ So, fold along against folds! 🙌


Image of Cap

Image of Spanngurte (Set)
Tension straps (set)

Alternatively, the SUSHI Bikes Cap also helps with wrinkles (please pull deep into the face). If you are thinking in the direction of tightening, we recommend our tension belt set. Even more beauty tips, or everything that makes you and your bike even more beautiful, can be found here 👉.