Three delicious news

Hello from the SUSHI booth!

I hope you are well and thinking hard about our bikes 😉 Today I have three great news I would like to share with you.

I. Clean thing: chain guard for your SUSHI bike

II. SUSHIMANO: SHIMANO bottom bracket - only the best for you

III. our cooperation with Deutsche Recycling

I. SHIMANO bottom bracket:

Who hasn't gotten in trouble as a kid when their pants were smeared with chain grease? As an adult, I now realize that it actually sucks. So here's a little surprise: All SUSHI bikes, i.e. Maki and California Roll, whether already ordered or in the future, will get a fancy chain guard as standard. Yay!


You can't imagine how many bottom brackets I've looked at and talked about in the last two weeks because the original one wasn't good enough. My decision now fell on a model from SHIMANO. This costs significantly more, but here I do not want to compromise. And you lucky bastard also get that just serially subjected. Free of charge.

III Product lifecycle, recycle, bicycle:

To make sure your SUSHI bike arrives undamaged, we still can't do without plastic and cardboard. However, I believe that as a manufacturer, we should also take responsibility for the disposal of packaging and batteries. That's why I'm now investing in a great partnership with the guys and gals at Deutsche Recycling. This ensures that we pay levies on the packaging, the batteries and the overall bike with every bike sold, so that recycling can be ensured.

Logo der Deutschen Recycling