What size frame do I need?

Who does not know this situation as a customer: You have chosen your favorite model on our website and have already imagined where the first trip with your SUSHI will go. But suddenly you notice when ordering that there are three different frame sizes for the Maki and none for the California Roll - why is that and what is the frame size all about?

The Maki has three frame sizes, the California Roll only one.

One size fits all applies here. The California Roll has only one size of 50 cm and fits everyone from 155 cm to 185 cm. You are under 155 cm or over 185 cm tall? No problem! With us there is the possibility to test the bike during a test ride in Munich, in which we will be happy to advise you personally and adjust the bike to your body size.

For the Maki, our three frame sizes S (under 172 cm), M (173 - 179 cm) and L (over 180 cm) apply. If you are between two frame sizes with your height, it is up to you and a matter of taste whether you want it smaller and more maneuverable or larger with more smoothness.

To know for sure, you can test the standover height by standing with both legs on the ground. If there is enough space between the crotch and the top tube, you have found the right frame size. However, there should not be too much space in between.

In case of doubt, the same applies here: Arrange a test ride and let us advise you.How do I adjust my seat correctly? As a rule, the saddle height corresponds to your hip bone height.

If you want to be precise, you can sit on the bike and put one of the two heels on the pedal in a 90 degree position. The seat is then optimally adjusted, if a minimum angle in the knee is present and the leg is not fully stretched.

For an upright and healthy posture, the saddle is pushed backward, or forward, so that during the ride, from the shoulder to the wrist, a straight line can be seen.