SUSHI Bikes in Berlin and new measurements for the California Roll

Love SUSHI friends,

here and today we have a three-course-menu with three delicious SUSHI topics that will make your mouth water:

I. Test drives: Berlin, let's ride and roll!

II. improved recipe for the California Roll

III. hi, hi from Shanghai: supplier visit

I. Test drives

Thanks to Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Cologne and Hamburg. It was a lot of fun for us to test the SUSHI community to meet. In total, there were over 160 test drives that we counted in the five cities. A thousand thanks for the interest!

Before winter sets in, we'll take one more city with us: BERLIN.
On Saturday, 23.11.2019 between 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. you will have the opportunity to test drive in the Lindenstraße 90, 10969 Berlin the possibility to visit the SUSHI Bikes to test. However, please register here in advance, because in Hamburg we were quickly fully booked: Book here. Thanks to LiveCycle, our service partner, who let us use their stores for the testival.

Banner für Testival Berlin

II. California Roll - Update

I must confess it quite openly: I misjudged the dimensions, because the feedback during the test rides was clear: The California Roll was too short and the handlebars too low for people over 170 cm. So I thought about how we can counteract this. Now we have made the following changes, which are valid for all California Rolls. That means: If you have already ordered, you will automatically get the optimized version and the shorter version will never be built. Don't worry, for people under 160 cm the bike is now also more comfortable and not too tall.

- Wheelbase is extended by 6 cm to 1106 mm

- New Stem with 40° angle, so that the seat position becomes more upright

- Curved handlebar for a more ergonomic hand position

- Unchanged frame height (50 cm) so that people from 155 cm to 180 cm can ride comfortably

III. Visit to the production facilities

For the final tuning before production start I was in Shanghai and surroundings at the end of October and met various suppliers.

My very brief impressions:

- There is a good atmosphere in our production hall. This was particularly important to me, because I can control almost all factors from a distance, but the working conditions and quality can only be assessed if you drop in unannounced. So I "accidentally" showed up there two days before the actual appointment and was able to see an unadulterated picture.

- Our charger is checked for quality four times during production. This is followed by further spot checks. This is a tremendously solid process in my opinion. I was surprised by the density of well-known bicycle brands that also produce their chargers there.

- My outfit for the tour of a battery plant (see photo below) wasn't necessarily beautiful, but I was impressed by the care that goes into making batteries. At least one cell from every small batch, even if it comes from Samsung, LG or Panasonic, is put through its paces. The lithium-ion cells have to withstand heat loads, drops, foreign impacts or strange charging behavior.

Andy im Batteriewerk