Fancy sled

What does Santa Claus do when there is no snow?

A white Christmas is a rarity these days. Have you ever thought about how Santa Claus is supposed to get around on his sleigh when there's no snow at all? 🤨❄️ There's a bug in the system here! Winters are getting warmer. New conditions call for new technologies. And this is where we come in, because we are sure: We have the solution: Santa needs a modern, chic sleigh. 🛷 Santa needs a SUSHI Bike! 🎅 🚲

andy als weihnachtsmann

How we come up with that? 🧐 If there's one thing we know how to do, it's to put ourselves in our customers' and potential customers' shoes and develop suitable mobility solutions for them. 👌 This case is quickly played out:

No snow, no sleigh. Santa won't be traveling by car - that's just not his style. Public transportation makes it difficult to be mobile beyond city limits. And on foot? Well, he'd have to set a decent pace.

That leaves the bicycle. An e-bike would be the perfect alternative. However, it must not be too loud, which is why many e-bikes are ruled out right from the start... So here we are with the SUSHI bike. We've checked our database and haven't yet delivered a bike to the North Pole. (And because we own up to our mistakes: No, there hasn't been a California Roll ordered in this region that hasn't been delivered yet either). So, to our knowledge, Santa is not yet riding a SUSHI Bike. 😨 🤷♂️

So only two questions remain:
👉 Maki or California Roll?
👉 40 km or 75 km range?

Image of Maki

999 €
40 km range

Image of California Roll+

1.199 €
75 km range

We are curious which SUSHI bike he will choose. 🚲 Until then we are busy wrapping presents, bikes and accessories. 🎁 Oh, the keyword "gifts" made your ears prick up? Well then, off to the store!