Chic sled 🛷

What does Santa Claus do when there is no snow?

White Christmas is a rarity these days. Have you ever thought about how Santa Claus is supposed to get on his sleigh when there is no snow at all? 🤨❄️ There is an error in the system! The winters are getting warmer. New circumstances call for new technologies. And this is where we come in, because we are certain: We have the solution: Santa Claus needs a modern, stylish sleigh. 🛷 Santa needs a SUSHI BIKE! 🎅 🚲

andy als weihnachtsmann

How do we get that? 🧐 If there is one thing we can do, it is to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and potential customers and to develop suitable mobility solutions for them. 👌 This case is played through quickly:

No snow, no sled. Santa Claus won't be driving his car - it's just not his style. The public make it difficult to be mobile beyond city limits. And on foot? Well, he would have to show decent pace.

That leaves the bike. An e-bike would be the predestined alternative. However, it must not be too loud, which is why many e-bikes are ruled out from the start... So that brings us to the SUSHI BIKE. We've checked our database and haven't delivered a bike to the North Pole yet. (And because we admit our mistakes: No, no California Roll was ordered in this region that has not yet been delivered.) As far as we know, Santa Claus does not yet ride a SUSHI BIKE. 😨 🤷‍♂️

So only two questions remain unanswered:
👉 Maki or California roll?
👉 40 km or 75 km range?
Maki M1
999 €
40 km range
California Roll+
75 km range

We are curious which SUSHI BIKE he will choose. 🚲 Until then, we'll be busy wrapping gifts, bikes and accessories. 🎁 Oh, did you listen to the keyword gifts? Well then, off to the shop!