Lock with funny 🔒

Well, what's up for the weekend?

No plans yet? No problem. We have a tight schedule for the next three days - and you're welcome to join us. A short city trip is planned for Friday and Saturday. We want to start Sunday in a relaxed manner with a hearty breakfast.
Huh, and what does that have to do with you? Glad you asked! We would like to answer this question for you in advance - everything else then in the next three days. But now close with funny, otherwise we won't get through all three topics.

I. SUSHI instead of Nuremberg - we're coming to Franconia

II. SUSHI on Sunday - questions about breakfast

III. Lock it like it's hot - the lock for your SUSHI Bike

I. SUSHI instead of Nuremberg - we're coming to Franconia🚴‍♂️

Yes, exactly. Tomorrow we'll cycle up to Nuremberg - it's easy if you have the right bike at hand. We would be delighted to meet you there in person.

What? How? Where?
As part of the Breuninger CARE Days on October 9th and 10th, 2020, we will be exhibiting our bikes in the department store. At the same time we are in the Breuninger car park next door, where you can extensively test drive it.* So drop by tomorrow or on Saturday, saddle up and let us know how you like SUSHI. All information is available here.

*Due to the current situation, there are of course some precautions for us to take, as well as for you. Together we have developed a hygiene concept. We ask you to help accordingly and to comply with the prescribed measures (mouth protection, health well-being, regular hand washing and disinfecting)

II. SUSHI on Sunday - questions about breakfast 🎥

Nuremberg doesn't work? Don't worry, we'll still ensure your SUSHI catering at the weekend.

To give everyone interested in SUSHI the chance to chat with us, ask questions or share opinions with us, we invite you to a virtual breakfast on Sunday. At 10 a.m. we will go live via Facebook story and let you take a seat at our table. Then there's: SUSHI, your questions, our answers, serving suggestions from the community and maybe a sweet morsel or two.

Anything that happened before 12pm on Sunday - purely from a time management perspective - just eeeeery difficult for you to set up... Don't worry, you can also just act as a passive listener and sip your coffee silently. Nobody sees you, nobody hears you... everybody understands you.

III. Lock it like it's hot 🔥

Your SUSHI BIKE is a really hot iron, the burner, really hot. However, it is important to avoid overly heated situations. Not that at some point someone thinks "hot shit" - and then it turns out shit for you. That's why: Lock it like it's hot - for example with a lock from tex–lock. This is now available in our shop.

Among the many combinations of different lock variants (the larger X-lock and the smaller U-lock), lengths and colors you will definitely find the right lock for you. Nice to know: The tex-lock is made of textile and protects the paintwork of your SUSHI BIKE from scratches. And thanks to the two eyelets of different sizes, you can use the lock in a variety of ways: by threading the small eyelet through the larger one, you gain extremely length.By the way, that's a hot tip

We'll put our breakfast croissants on the luggage rack and head north. Until the days!