Show time 🍿

What do you think of SUSHI with popcorn?

Today we want to present you our new image film. We think the clip is great cinema! So, get the microwave popcorn in and make yourself comfortable. 🍿

Oh, we almost screwed up the entry. Because what would cinema be without advertising. 😍 🛍

California Roll+ in schwarz


Casting Director

Maki+ in schwarz


Movie Star

Ok, ok. Very briefly to the plot: It's about attitude to life, past and future, fun. Urban hipness paired with timeless design. About us and about you - wow. 👯

Starring: The Maki+ and California Roll+. In the supporting roles: Andy Weinzierl and Joko Wi together with more or less camera-shy team members: inside.

But now: open the curtain! 🎥

Image Video SUSHI Bikes