In times of many cancellations, we want to make some announcements 📢

Hey-yah you wild SUSHI RIDER:INS!

There's a lot going on at the moment. 😎 On the streets, but also in our e-mail inbox.
It seems as if the SUSHI owners are only hanging around outside, as many pictures as we receive every day. As a result, we no longer find time in the office to scroll ourselves and instead scroll... through our inbox. So now an update on what's going on with you - and therefore also with us - at the moment:

I. How are the first SUSHI BIKES received?

II. Trade fairs in Düsseldorf and Dortmund cancelled: Our "Plan P"

III. Soy-ciety: The community event for cyclists with taste

I. How are the first SUSHI BIKES received? 💬

Well, in one package. But unfortunately this is sometimes more, sometimes less well received. Of course we apologize for that and are working at full speed to solve any problems with Hermes as quickly as possible.
But when it's unpacked and assembled, it seems to go down really well! And that pleases us. In the SUSHI BIKE Owners Facebook group there is already a lot of customer feedback on the build, look and feel of the bikes. If you are not yet a member: In addition to questions and answers from the community, we will also provide you with the latest information on all topics related to SUSHI BIKES (including delivery dates) via this channel.
Take a look!

If the question of "how" cannot console you for the question of "when" and you are absolutely not a Facebook fan, here you are brief information on the status of deliveries:
We have the very ambitious goal that by mid-KW13 all bikes of this batch, i.e. with an order date by December 1st, 2019, should have left the warehouse. 🙏 So far we have sent out almost all bikes with an order date until the end of August. Due to initial problems with the chronological delivery, there are isolated exceptions. We apologize for this: This should not have happened. We are currently catching up on this delivery.

II. Trade fairs in Düsseldorf, Dortmund and Berlin cancelled: Our "Plan P" 🚲

The CyclingWord Düsseldorf, as well as the E-Bike Festival Dortmund and the VELOBerlin have been cancelled. For us, the trade fairs were an opportunity to get to know you personally and to offer you a test drive . We definitely don't want to let this chance slip away, so we've come up with a "Plan P".
Yes, we're funny and you're a fox. That's why you've probably long since added up 1 grain of rice + 1 grain of rice and know: Plan P stands for test drive. 🕵️
What, how, where, when? You can find the dates on our test drive page.

III. Soy-ciety: The community event for cyclists with taste 📆

Yes, test rides are important to get to know future SUSHI BIKER. Aaaabut, it's like this: SUSHI, test rides, SUSHI BIKES and future customers wouldn't exist without the SUSHI owners. To show that we value you as a customer, we have thought of something. With Soy-ciety we want to create a regulars' table for SUSHI BIKE owners. We have noticed how much your feedback helps us and want to continue to promote this exchange.

You can register exclusively for the event with the four digits of your order number.
As we write this blog entry, the situation surrounding Corona is becoming more and more serious, the shadow is becoming more and more serious darker and the rat tails longer and longer. It is therefore still uncertain how and in what context the regulars' table will take place.But we will come up with something so that we soon (possibly virtually) soy-cialize with you 👬