Statement on Corona: What Corona means for us and you as a customer ⚠️

Hello to everyone coughed into the face mask!

Just stupid, all of that. The world hovers somewhere between standstill and complete turmoil. And so do we. Concrete statements are difficult for us in this time of general uncertainty, but we want you to share our thoughts. We're concerned for your safety, so we want to talk to you about the following:

I. What does Corona mean for SUSHI BIKES?

II. Protect yourself when you're out on the street! For example with a helmet

III. Kevin home alone - it's not even Christmas, and you Kevin?!

I. What does Corona mean for SUSHI BIKES? 😷

Of course, we know that our customers are the smartest and most trend-conscious people. Before anyone else, they wanted to switch to SUSHI to avoid public transport. Bravó, good strategy! The rest of the world has now noticed that too. Our delivery times are therefore similar to those for hygiene items. There is no spontaneous buying, and it is difficult for us to say when the next bikes will come. Since the whole topic is extremely emotional and information-intensive, but we - like all other companies - lack any basis for concrete statements, we want to comment personally in a video. Clear the stage for Andy! 🎬

II. Protect yourself when you're out on the street! For example with a helmet ⛑

The assumption that we have the coolest customers has been confirmed again. Weeks ago, we were repeatedly asked for a cool helmet. And "tadaaaaa", we actually have something positive to report: No, not a positive test result... But since Friday you can order this helmet (no longer available) in our shop.
Your safety is important to us. ❤️

III. Kevin home alone - it's not even Christmas and you Kevin?! 🤷‍♂️

If it weren't for the blue sky, the first rays of sunshine (and the associated insane desire to get on the saddle of your SUSHI BIKE), you could think it's Christmas 2019. 🎄 Waiting for the snow in vain, the shops have limited opening hours, there are hardly any people on the streets, everyone is sitting at home, everyone has bought far too much food, one or the other is coughing to himself...
So alone at home, can get boring at times. And just like you do at Christmas, you start reading. Some read the SUSHI operating instructions, others our blog, and those who still haven't had enough will find plenty of reading material in our Facebook Owners group.
Jokes aside! We always try to keep you up to date, whether it's information about delivery dates, Corona, events or products. You will be informed by us to the best of our knowledge and belief, especially via Facebook. You also have access to reports from the first owners and can exchange ideas with other SUSHI fans on all kinds of topics. Be there! 🥳

We hope your immune system is strong enough so that you can still put up with this news.

We now disinfect our hands and say goodbye with a nod and an accompanying "pass on you on"!