SUSHI BIKES goes Sport

A joint trip 👯♀️

We have some news for you! We support handpicked athletes who are in the starting blocks of their career and have great potential. We share the same values with them: family, loyalty, impact and the right mindset .💯

We at SUSHI BIKES are still at the beginning of an exciting journey ourselves. As a young company from Munich, we still have some challenges and changes ahead of us. But that doesn't make us flinch; instead, we ambitiously believe in our mission THE BETTER MOVEMENT: With our e-bikes, we advance green mobility and make the streets free of cars. 🚲

This is exactly the mission our athletes believe in, and we in turn believe in their potential and talents. We all have a lot ahead of us and we will grow together. With our athletes, we have found exactly what we were looking for: They are young, cool, modern, and they care about sustainable living just as much as we do. 🌿

Today we introduce you to our first athlete:

Aliah Eichinger comes from the Bavarian Forest and skis freestyle. For her, two skis mean the world like two bicycle tires do for us. ⛷🚲 She has already had numerous successes so far. Among other things, she skied in the top seven four times in the European Cup. 🥇 Also,at just 20 years old,shealreadygetsaround the world a lot and is currently in Beijing. We have been following Aliah for a while and can't get out of our amazement! 👀

Want to learn more?

If you want to know more about Aliah and are curious to see which other athletes we support in their passion, then scroll up and sign up for our newsletter! We look forward to a journey together that you can be a part of! 😍

Image of Maki M2

Aliah's Bike