Autumn promotion 🍂

Ready for fall? 

Autumn is here - and with it wet roads, dirty puddles and muddy paths. So that you can cover as many distances as possible on your lemur during this time of year, we have come up with a small autumn present for you: 

Get your maki now with matching ones MudguardsIt is

n for only €1,025 instead of €1,048. And at the same time benefit from what is probably the shortest delivery time we have ever had! 😍 

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Attention: The action refers to the products "Maki" and "MudguardsIt is

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Put both products in the shopping cart and enter the code "MuddyMaki". The discount will be deducted at checkout.

Maki M1





There are many other products in our shop that are ideal as loyal companions in autumn. 💦 🍂  Check it out now!