Fall campaign

Ready for autumn?

Autumn is here - and with it wet roads, dirty puddles and muddy paths. So that you can cover as many distances as possible on your Maki this season, we have come up with a little autumn gift for you:

Get your Maki with matching mudguards now for only 1,025€ instead of 1,048€. And benefit at the same time from the shortest delivery time we ever had! 😍

With the code

Attention: The action refers to the products "Maki" and "Mudguards" and is not valid for the products "Maki+" and "Mudguards+".


Add both products to the shopping cart and enter the code "MuddyMaki". The discount will be deducted at checkout.

Image of Maki M1

Maki M1

Image of Schutzbleche


Image of Maki M2

Maki M2

There are many more products in our store that make great fall companions. 💦 🍂 Take a look right now!