SUSHI with kids? No problem!

Cycling together!

Do you not only want to ride your SUSHI BIKE alone, but also want to take your child with you? As long as your child is not yet able to ride a bike themselves, we have a few tips and recommendations from the community for you. 

Die SUSHI BIKES Community told us which model they drive and which child seat or trailer they have attached to it: 

Shannon reports on her California Roll in pink and the Thule Chario Sport 2 tag: 

"I'm super satisfied 😍.. even so satisfied that I bought exactly the same thing a second time when the first one was 'gone' 😅 it's the perfect day-care center/kiga taxi. I would have to replace the coupling part (supplied with the trailer) from Had it drilled out 10mm to 12mm, but that's how it fits perfectly!And I have it Rear Rack dismantled at the rear because it was very annoying when coupling/uncoupling."

Sandra reports about her California Roll+ with the Hamax Caress child seat:  

"C+ what Rear Rack and Hamax Caress. Very easy to mount and change to another wheel if needed. Handling very good." 

Kindersitz SUSHI BIKE

Would you like to exchange more information about child seats & trailers? Then go here Facebook Discussion.  

We also have a few recommendations for you as to which child seats and trailers SUSHI BIKES are compatible with and what you should pay attention to. You can find more about this here