SUSHI Test Ride

You have not tried our SUSHI bike yet?

We can't let that stand. Everyone should be able to enjoy SUSHI, which is why we provide you with tasting opportunities throughout Germany and Austria. 😊

We are constantly expanding our test drive network so that we can also offer you a test drive opportunity in your area. Check out where you can test ride a SUSHI bike. 🍣 🚲

SUSHI Probefahren

Using the map, you can quickly and easily select a test ride location and contact the provider directly, or book your test ride at List and Ride. ✅ The anticipation knocks you off your saddle?! Understandable. Time to get back on the bike and get moving. 👇

Watch out! ☝ ️If you don't see a suitable location, it's worth keeping an eye on this map. Soon there could be a Test Ride location near you. 🥳