SUSHI x JobRad

Lease your SUSHI bike through JobRad now!

What lasts a long time, finally becomes good. For a long time we had to put you off due to non-existent stock, but now we make the seemingly impossible possible! 👉 All models that we have in stock can now be leased via JobRad. 😍


Here's how it works:

1️⃣ Make sure your employer offers JobRad.

2️⃣ Create a user account on the myJobRad portal.

3️⃣ Fill out this survey so we can submit the right offer to JobRad

4️⃣ Order your SUSHI bike and optional accessories from your employer's meinJobRad portal and wait for them to approve the order

5️⃣ The order will be automatically forwarded to us and we will ship your bike within a few days 🤘

6️⃣ The accessories will be shipped separately, but there should be only a few days between the delivery of your bike and the accessories.


If your desired SUSHI model is not displayed in our query, this is because we currently do not have the model in stock. Therefore it cannot be offered for leasing. ⚠ ️ But there will be a lot more happening here in the coming weeks, so just keep checking back.


We are mega happy to finally be able to offer you a leasing option. Let us make your daily commute the highlight of every day!day! 🤩

Work hard, play hard - from now on with a SUSHI bike! 💯