Speed 25km/h in the city 💚

With the SUSHI BIKE at the forefront.

Residents in Ulm, Augsburg, Leipzig, Münster, Freiburg, Hanover and Aachen may soon be pioneers and pioneer cyclists at the same time!

As you've probably already noticed, these seven cities want gro30 km/h over a wide area testing. The goal? Make inner-city traffic safer and more climate-friendly. 🌿💚 We are absolute advocates of this initiative: they are right! But they must have miscalculated too... After all, it is really climate-friendly at 25 km/h. 🚲💨


innerstädtisches Tempo 30


The SUSHI BIKE stands for green mobility in urban areas, of course. But we can also score points when it comes to safety: With our locks and Pearly you and your bike are safe on the road. But much more important: At 25 km/h you are definitely (!!) one of the fastest in your city. 🔥 A real Vorradler!