More than just hot air

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The tjuub battery bag is very well received by SUSHI riders - it's great that we now also have the tjuub battery bag+ in our store. Perfectly matched to the dimensions of your Maki+ battery, or the additional battery+ ! 🚲

Image of tjuub Akkutasche+

tjuub battery bag+

But the battery bag is much more than just a custom design. ☝ ️ It is an extremely clever and cool, sustainable idea: Dagmar from tjuub uses old bicycle inner tubes for her products and gives them a second life. ♻ ️

You thought until now, in bicycle inner tubes is nothing more than (hot) air? Far from it! The tjuub battery bag+ offers enough space for your battery and additional smaller valuables, such as keys or a smartphone. 😍


A battery bag made of recycled bicycle tubes, specially made for the battery of your Maki+, or your additional battery+, which you can easily attach to the frame of your bike. 👇

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