SUSHI Distancing: One bike length distance, please!

Hello, is anyone there?

Long time no see.
And it will probably stay that way for a few more weeks. Social distancing has created new habits for us - and certainly for you, too. You talk to old friends on the phone, think only in terms of meals (when will we have the next batch of SUSHI).... you suddenly have time for things that have long fallen under the table. We find this quite valuable and therefore want to launch the SUSHI Distancing campaign!
This provides you with for play, fun, excitement, so that the next few weeks roll by like on the third step 🙌

I. Game - Take part in the PoseLikeJokoChallenge

II. fun - discover the handyman in you: SUSHI Tuning

III. excitement - be live and always up to date thanks to our delivery time landing page

I. Take part in the PoseLikeJokoChallenge 🕺

Let's play a game....
Maybe you already caught it via social media: There's still a SUSHI puzzle up for grabs!
What you need to do? Well, take part in the #PoseLikeJokoChallenge. We want to see if you look as casual as Joko next to your SUSHI.

So: Grab your SUSHI bike, find a nice spot (on the balcony, in the living room, in the shower.... another result of social distancing: you get creative! And maybe a little crazy too.) and then it's "Hoe, point.... Lift your leg!".
Oh, don't forget to take a picture. And last but not least, upload the image of your acrobatic performance to your Story and tag @sushibikes.
Finished modeling. 💁 ♂️

II. discover the do-it-yourselfer in you: SUSHI Tuning 🔧

Every wall in your home has already been painted three times, a new floor has been laid, and your neighbors are worried because they haven't heard any sign of life (aka. noise from your impact drill) from you in days? Well, then maybe it's time for a new project. The SUSHI Bikes Facebook Owners group offers a lot of inspiration. We have collected a few pictures of tuned SUSHIs.
And hey, pssssst! No SUSHI tuning without SUSHI Gossip. Many SUSHI tuners agree: The right styling this season only succeeds with dog! 🐶

So here you can see a selection of Signature SUSHI creations. We are looking forward to your personal interpretation of our recipe! 🙂

III. live and always top informed thanks to our delivery time landing page 📢

In times like these, it's important to keep your eyes and ears open (keep your mouth shut, just to be on the safe side). We all want information: Numbers, times, facts. We want to know how and when things will continue. And where what is happening. And that's what this site is for. No, this is not the site of the Federal Ministry of Health, nor of the Tagesschau. BILD? No, not either. Although they come pretty close to our catchy headlines, but hopefully we will not only be heard on Sunday....

Be that as it may. If you have questions about the delivery time and distance of your SUSHI, we will provide you with the most important information via our delivery status page. 📆🌍

Psssst, now a secret tip for the end: Did you know that your SUSHI bike is about 170cm long? 🍥 So if you always keep a SUSHI Bike distance, you will be safe on the road. As always with your SUSHI! 🙃 #sushidistancing

Oh. Now we almost forgot about the GIF again. So if you've read this far and still don't know what to do with your time... how about this?