Valentine's faux pas

What price can you give to love?

Love sometimes turns our heads too. A month ago today, on Valentine's Day, a few extra zeros crept in and we advertised our pink California roll for €99,900 in our newsletter. You as a community took it with humor and made us laugh out loud. For the start of the week, we don't want to withhold the best of comments on our faux pas from you and wish you a rosy start into the new week.


"I'm glad my sweetheart already has a bike and I don't have to take out a loan, and she'd rather have a pink Porsche instead of a bike for €99,900!😉😂"

"What under €100,000 - that's a snap 🤣"

"Love has no price :) The Beatles sang about it: Can't buy me love"

Apparently no one was deterred, because the model is now actually sold out (of course with two zeros less in the checkout). Don't worry, we still have a pink e-bike for you: the California Roll+ in pink gives you even more range and therefore even more riding fun!

California Roll+ in rosa