It's that time of a year ❄️

For many it is "the most wonderful time", but for some it is also the time when it was actually just summer and Christmas comes as a total surprise. 😍 🌲 😱

Because we want to make everyone happy, we have prepared three little messages for both types of people today.

Weihnachtsaktion 2020

Type "wonderful"? 😇

Wonderful! Then here are three facts that resemble small miracles:

✨ Christmas is five days away, isn't that wonderful?

✨ The stores are closed - so there's a wonderful amount of time to spend on the miracle of Internet shopping. For example, at

✨ What a miraculous coincidence: If you order your beautiful bike before Christmas, it will miraculously come to you free of shipping costs. You save yourself - oh wonder - a whole 49€!


Type "summer, sun, sunshine"? ☀ ️

Summer is what's happening in your head. Definitely! You're just a sunshine and actually people envy you for it. But towards the end of the year, everyone mistakes your radiance for being radiated - and envy gives way to a disdainful shake of the head.

Yes, out there it doesn't even begin to look like winter - we are completely with you on that. Christmas can catch you off guard. That's why we're reaching out to you with three helpful tips:

⚠️ Attention! Only five days to go! Christmas falls on December 24 this year. Much earlier than usual and therefore surprising for many.

⚠️ Stores are closed. You shouldn't count on being able to run the last errands on Christmas morning.

⚠️SUSHI Bikes' Christmas promotion runs for five more days (how appropriate!). You'll save the 49€ shipping charge that usually applies to bike orders. Accessories you always order free of shipping costs.

What you make of it is up to you. We hope, of course, this action conjures up a sunny smile on your face.
Note on the side: When your bike isdelivered , the sun will come out again!


49€ Versandkosten sparen

All we say is: It's that time of a year when you can save 49€ on shipping!
What are you waiting for?