World Day of Compliments

We hope you can handle compliments, because today is slimy.

Today, on the 1st of March every year, we celebrate the World day of compliments. And what can we say: we don't even know where to start with you. Let alone how to find an ending! 🤯
You are such a great person, with a lot of taste, style, the right values (be it the environment, or your speed) - and a great bike! 👍

With the choice of your SUSHI bike, you've just done everything right again. Can you and your bike even save yourself from compliments on the road? Probably not, at this sight!? 👀 🔥

Runter von der Couch

8+1 reasons why we think you are just TOTALLY ADORABLE:

🍣 You ride a SUSHI Bike.

🍣 You ride a SUSHI bike and look really good on it.

🍣 You ride a SUSHI bike and are faster than everyone else.

🍣 While everyone complains about their hairstyle, you're styled to perfection. From helmet to foot, from rear wheel to front wheel.

🍣 Your bike is simply a true beauty and puts all other bikes in the shade. So you're all sunshine.

🍣 If you're ever a little slower and not top motivated, your bike pulls you along. You're a real dream team. That's what fair division of labor looks like.

But what counts, as we all know, are the inner values:
🍣 We'll just say "small but mighty!" This battery has real power. It's amazing what you've got in you.

🍣 You are simply a top performer. No matter what you tackle (on the handlebars), in the end it's a well-rounded thing. Chapeau!

As you can see, we can't stop we can't stop raving about you. But hey, compliments are not to be spared, as we all know.

🍣 You're just one heck of an enviable person for not missing out on this cool newsletter.

Yes, it's the little things in life that you should be proud of. We, for example, take every single order as a huge compliment - thanks for that! 🙏