Less is more. ☝ ️

Christmas 2020 is obviously under the motto "less is more". 🌲

⭐ Fewer contacts, but more Christmas cards.
⭐ Less shopping, therefore inevitably more saving.
⭐ Less mulled wine at the Christmas market and therefore more waste glass in our own household.
⭐ Less Christmas cookies in the gym sweat out, therefore more kilos.

There seems to be no escaping this law this year. That's why we're going along with it and saying, "49€ less for you and hopefully more SUSHI for the Christ Child." Because we're giving you the gift of shipping for Christmas! And to make sure you can get your SUSHI order to the Christ Child in time, we're starting today.

Wunschzettel Weihnachten

The wish list is of course postage free. Because when we say there's no shipping charge, there is. But be careful: if you plan to print out the wish list and put it on your doorstep, please remember that we have a curfew in many places right now. So the Christmas elves can't just run from door to door collecting wish lists. How exactly they do it, nobody really knows... But we don't want to take any chances, so we've come up with something: You can submit your wish list online. Simply click on it, list the desired products in the shopping cart and send it off. 😇

Even if the Christ Child really gets down to work, your SUSHI bike won't make it to you before Christmas. We will of course support it with our logistics as best we can, but it will probably be March or April.

However, in our store you will find many little things that are much easier to put under the Christmas tree than a bike. Of course, we also ship accessories and accessories completely free of shipping costs. Our tip: The SUSHI Bikes Calendar 2021, with which you can always keep an eye on the days until the delivery of your bike.


Joko Jahreskalender 2021

And now a tip for the non-musical among us: You don't play an instrument and you can't sing (in this case less is often more), but everyone around you loves to make music together?
No, this year when the sheet music is pulled out on Christmas Eve and everyone is looking over at you again in shame, you'll be ready! You'll be cool enough to reach into your pocket and pull out that cool thing. And when they start singing Jingle Bells, you'll be setting the pace! Get ready!


We don't even want to say much more, less is more after all, just wait frugally and full of anticipation for your wish list.


the SUSHI Christmas elves 🎁🌲