Yippie, Yippie - YEPLY!

Carefree thanks to maintenance subscription

Your SUSHI bike is always a faithful companion? To make sure it stays that way, it's time to give something back to your SUSHI. Regular check-ups are the be-all and end-all..

Even if we know that your beloved SUSHI will remain priceless forever. 🖤, regular check-ups reduce wear and tear and the associated loss of value. 💪

Good thing there's Yeply! Yeply is your mobile maintenance service in a subscription model. 🔧 Whether regular check-ups or minor repairs - with the Yeply Carefree Maintenance Subscription, service is always just a 👉 click away. You can conveniently book the appointment online and only a short time later the Yeply team will be at your door.

Image of 12-monatiges Wartungsabo
12-month maintenance subscription

Yeply takes care of your SUSHI, we take care of you. 🥰

The motto "better safe than sorry" doesn't just apply to your SUSHI bike. You should also take appropriate precautions for your way through the urban jungle, over stony paths and off the safe trails. You will find the right equipment in our store.

Image of Helm (M, L)
Helmet (M, L)

Image of Helm (S)
Helmet (S)

Here's to a timeless future in togetherness & toopper condition! 🚲