The concept

We at SUSHI BIKES make green mobility affordable. We want to convince you not to buy more than what you really need to explore your city. The SUSHI BIKE has been designed to meet exactly the needs it is designed to meet. No more, no less. That's why we focus on what's really important and offer you high quality at a low price.

Less gimmicks, more freedom.

Schaubild zum Vergleich der Preiszusammensetzung von traditionellen  Vertriebssystemen mit Zwischenhändler vs. SUSHI BIKES

THIS is how we make it possible

The price

Our e-bikes are designed for the city and not as touring bikes. We install components from well-known manufacturers, but limit ourselves to the components that you really need for the city. We question every existing solution and have often found tricks for savings.


Only what you need

An example of this is the packaging, through which we can send via all parcel service providers.

In addition, our selection of components is optimized for the application: For example, SUSHI BIKES have a hub motor built into the rear wheel that supports gradients of up to 10%. This is sufficient for a city bike and cheaper than a mid-engine. We also do without a gear shift. You don't need this with our single speed bikes, instead you can choose between different support levels.

Our SUSHI BIKES are delivered in accordance with the StVZO and offer you a range that is completely sufficient for inner-city routes.

direct sales

More product, less cost

We only sell our e-bikes directly to end customers. Due to direct sales, we save on dealer margins. With the traditional sales model, these are often between 40% and 60% of the sales price. By saving these costs, we can invest more in the product. After all, this allows you to pay for the product and not for middlemen.