California Roll+

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Mit KLICKfix Lenkeradapter für schnelles Anbringen und Abnehmen des Korbes.

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The California Roll+'s elegant low step-in is reminiscent of waves in California, tolerates dresses, weaker knees and looks damn good. Thanks to the low weight of only 17 kg, it is super practical and the perfect commuter e-bike for every day. You can also use the small, removable battery as a powerbank for your smartphone. Thanks to the standard dimensions, there are hardly any limits to compatibility with various accessories. An ergonomic handlebar, 37 mm wide tires and optimized frame geometry ensure maximum comfort on every ride.

- Up to 75 km reach in the city

- Mudguards and bike stand are included in delivery

- Lights (rechargeable via USB), reflectors, bell and chain guard included

- Completely StVZO compliant

- Compatible with child seats and trailers 


Small miracle battery: the battery is small, light and handy. The 9.6 Ah provide you with a reach of up to 75 km and that at a weight of only 1.3 kg. Once you arrive at your destination, you take it out, plug it in and use it as a powerbank for your cell phone if necessary. The charging time after complete discharge is 5.5 hours, with the Speed Charger only 3.5 hours.

Innovative Display: Super small and simple - yet everything is there. The innovative LCD screen lets you keep an eye on your speed, support level and battery status.

Efficient motor: The 24 V / 200 W hub motor is well hidden in the rear wheel. It lets you accelerate sporty, ride long distances and literally pushes you up every incline up to 10%. Just what you need for inner-city routes! It's also well encapsulated to protect it from dirt and, of course, low maintenance.


One size fits all: the bike fits everyone with a body size from 155 cm to 180 cm.


Most of the components have standard dimensions. This gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to modifications and accessories. Of course, child seats and trailers can also be mounted on the SUSHI BIKE.


We will deliver your SUSHI BIKE to your home. To keep everything as simple as possible, we use a common parcel service provider. As soon as your order leaves the warehouse, you will receive a tracking link. Please be at home at the announced time of delivery to receive the package.

Alternatively, you can have your bike delivered to one of our partner garages. There it will be assembled for you for a flat fee. To do this, select the option "Assembly and collection from our service partner" in the order process.

Instruction manual


Even if our price is hard-calculated and we think that we can solve most problems without return shipment, we will not let you down. As a customer you have a 24 month legal warranty in Germany starting with the delivery date of the bike. If the bike has a defect in the first six months after delivery, you get a replacement or your money back anyway. For the remaining 18 months, a so-called "reversal of the burden of proof" applies. But because we think that you should ride for a whole year without worries, we voluntarily extend the six months to 12 months.

This means for you: In the first year after delivery, you can contact us and we will replace the motor, battery or other parts, provided that the following conditions are met.

1. the warranty covers all original parts against defects in workmanship and materials (e.g. if the products do not correspond to the product description in the user manual or the advertising for the product).

2. the warranty applies only to original owner:s and is not transferable. Claims under this warranty must be addressed directly to SUSHI Mobility GmbH.

3. during the warranty period we will replace or repair the product which has a defect. If the replacement or repair is excessive or impossible or if the delivery is impossible within the reasonable period, you have the right to demand a price reduction or to demand the cancellation of the purchase contract.

Here you can find the complete "General warranty conditions".

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