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👍 Passt für alle SUSHI Gen1 und +Modelle

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Front and rear lights are mandatory in order to be on the road in accordance with the StVZO. Your SUSHI BIKE will of course be delivered with lights. However, if you still want to give your bike a set of new lights, or yours have been lost, this set is perfect. Easy to detach, plug in and USB chargeable.

The Maki 3.0 and California Roll 3.0 have an integrated front and rear light. Therefore, you do not need a light set for these models.


• Rechargeable via USB (so you can also charge your lights on the battery of your SUSHI BIKE)

Set consisting of front and rear light, incl. cable (Micro-USB)

• StVZO compliant

• Compatible with all types of bicycles

• With SUSHI BIKES branding on the front and rear lights

• Already included with the models Maki & California Roll and Maki+ & California Roll+

• Not required for the Maki 3.0 and California Roll 3.0


In the case of a bike order, we will ship your accessories with the bike. If you need the item sooner, please order it separately.

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