Ass Savers - Foldable mudguards

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You are a fan of the clean look of your Maki or Maki+ and have therefore decided against fenders? You ride your bike in wind and weather - and as clean as it looks, it makes you look dirty from time to time.

We have the solution for you: Ass Savers are collapsible mudguards. They disappear as quickly as they are mounted and can be easily stowed in the jacket pocket. And yes, they are now available with SUSHI BIKES branding.


- Set of two mudguards for front and rear wheel

- Only 50 g per mudguard

- Dimensions: 540 x 65 mm (unfolded)

- Assembly without tools


In case of a bike order, we will ship your accessories with the bike. If you need the item earlier, please order it separately. The shipping is free of charge for you in any case.


Nik shows you in this video how to mount the foldable mudguards on your bike.

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